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Why You Keep "Falling Off" In Your Diet and How To COME BACK.

Updated: May 11

For every NOExcuses Challenge we have a mantra that we go by for the duration of the challenge. It goes - “I’m not perfect, but NO Excuses.”

Have you ever started something that you buckled down and were consistently doing well for a streak of time, only to be abruptly stopped by an unexpected life event, work event, or something out of the blue?

Many use the term - “Falling off”.

What’s interesting about “falling off” is, when that happens we tend to believe the lie that we failed the thing that we were pursuing before the unexpected event happened.

Can I be honest with you though?

Falling off for one week, two weeks, even a whole month should not be the reason you can no longer pursue that thing.

Now, when that thing is bettering your health, that’s what we call a non-negotiable - non-debatable topic.

What I mean by that is, the only way we become or stay healthy, is by making the choice on a daily basis to make a lifestyle of healthy habits and decisions.

In this guide you will learn;