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Fitness & Nutrition Coaching that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE.


Hey there, I'm Jordan! Owner and CEO of NOExcuses Fitness.

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I live in the small state of Connecticut. GO HUSKIES! Fitness was always a huge part of my life throughout my football career. After playing Division 1 College Football I decided to hang up the cleats and pick up a different sport, becoming a parent. Yes, it's a sport! Think about it, you have to learn as you go, and you either get better and win or lose. It's a sport.

I found Bodybuilding during my transition out of sports and quickly became hooked to the discipline and lifestyle of building your ideal physique. This lead me to travel and speak with a motivational speaking group that went into schools and used feats of strength as a hook to impact the next generation.

After our son was born with special needs in 2018, I lost who I was and the health I once had.

After waking up on March 1st, 2020 I decided I was going to commit to losing over 50lbs and get back in control of my health. Long journey skinny, 1 year after my successful transformation, I saw how much this decision changed my life and wanted to share that feeling with the world.

I got my Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and begun training in a local big box gym. After becoming the top trainer in the club within the first 3 months I knew there was a greater opportunity to impact by not only training people, but coaching them through their nutrition as well and aligning the starts between how the 2 are connected to living an optimal life.


After receiving my nutrition certification from Nutritional Coaching Institute, I took a huge leap of faith and left a steady paycheck to start NOExcuses Fitness. I haven't looked back since.


We are a growing community of individuals just trying to navigate the hardships of life while staying in control of our physical, mental, and spiritual health. I love that I get to do this for a living, and it is my honor to help guide you along your health journey as well! 👊🏼🚫

Watch the journey unfold.


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Hey! My name is Chyenne. I am an APRN and own a health and wellness practice - ChyCare LLC.


Combining my professional skill set with my recreational interests of health & fitness seemed like a no-brainer


My current praxis and specialty focus has been a fluid journey forming in accordance with my life experiences; predominantly surrounding 2 things in particular: 

My practice focuses on preventatinve medicine with underpinnings of body mechanices, hollistic care, mind-gut connection, estrogen metabolites, and effects of plastics and endocrine disrupters.

My specialty is in restoring & optimizing hormones, with a hollistic approach that takes into consideration all the potential health threats from our environment, body products, and daily nutrition.

  1. Being a female and not being diagnosed with a neurodevelopment disorder until my early twenties.

  2. Dealing with breast biopsies, lumpectomies, and removal of suspicions masses, with no BRCA gene found, left me wondering what was putting me at higher risk? 


It was evident that the current way of medical practice that is accepted by most Americans, is not cutting it anymore and needed a revamp to combat the negative effects we are experiencing from decades of environmental toxins as well as misguided societal influences leaving a poor overall health outlook based off current social behavior. 

I witnessed and experienced the vast disparities in healthcare between different providers ability & willingness to care. Driven by financial gain from insurance and hospital cooperation’s limiting available resources and dictating how medical professionals should practice.  Our health should be treated just as tenderly as the unique individual as themselves.  Instead, we are taught to fit patients into specific criteria in order to treat/diagnoses or “fix” a symptom.  I believe in order to provide whole person care it must be as intricate and detailed as the individual is. With that being said 15 mins or even 30 mins (if you’re lucky) is simply NOT ENOUGH. If you reference any “wellness model” it is comprised of multiple parts or layers that contribute to a person’s overall health.  Always learning, updating, collaborating to ELEVATE an individual’s health goals and outcomes based on the dynamic & evolutionary nature of the medical field  Whether it’s talking about endocrine disrupters and discovering the harmful truths mainstream health industry is not telling you. Health is wealth. This is why I needed to find a different way not only for the individuals I care for but Myself! Our current health model focused on symptom management and never getting to the root cause to me is “sick medicine” and it is simply not good enough.  I can tell you where we are going and it looks a little something like this:

​I can tell you where we are going and it looks a little something like this:

A new age medical model focused on elevating your health with innovation & practicality focused on whole person care including your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

- Chyenne Giarnese, APRN

Our Dream Team Behind The Scenes

  • over 15 years of experience in a management role for retail stores Home Depot, Lowes, and Aldi

  • Nutrition Certification - in process

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Functional Movement Specialist Certified

  • 7 years Training Experience

  • Associates in Applied Science

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Weight Loss Specialist

  • MBA Financial Analytics


W a t c h

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Luka, 13 month Graduate

I’ve made such a big change since I’ve started with NOExcuses. I get frustrated with myself pretty easily so having a coach helping me process my emotion and stay on track helps a lot!


Patti, 23 month current client

This is absolutely the longest I have maintained a focus in health. And it's not like I'm jumping from this, that and the other thing. I'm doing this road, this journey. This isn't really that burdensome. I know what to do. It's a good Lifestyle.


Rachel, 18 month  current client

Throughout my journey I've realized that I don't need the instant gratification of losing weight. I need more of the consistency and habits of it all.

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